Thursday, April 30, 2009

World Chaos is our Future

Pray individually and in large groups for world chaos.

Now is the exact time to “strike low and hard”, without pity, or mercy.

Pray for confusion, disorder, and unending catastrophe.

Pray for world chaos!

Do not break any laws, nor do anything physical that might so much as seem destructive to any one thing, person, or odd else. This will not be necessary as the real power is subtle. It is found only within the mind as per the individual brain and a focused repetition of a single thought in prayer, mantra, or meditation.

That thought is chaos projected upon a now weary and dying world.

Never give in to doubt nor a perception of failure. Patience, persistence, and above all, perseverance is important in this practice of projection. As we are now all immersed within “it”, we shall then become increasingly aware of a certain degree of “influence” that is possible outside of normal states of awareness.

Unfortunately, this will not work upon an individual, target, or mark. The subtle influence can only be realized collectively.

Begin now dear readers, practice, experiment, and observe….