Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Capitalist Head in Place, One Trillion Dollar Gun Cocked, Trigger is Pulled

By A.C.H.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 

The U.S. Senate passed [a version] of an economic stimulus bill as investors responded by dumping stocks. The DJIA fell -382 points , as other markets around the world also responded sharply.

Cutting one’s own fetid financial wrist in the dessert for a dying thirst of want, greed, and capitalist waste is now fatally done. Observe the macabre future of uncertainty dear reader; it is now only a matter of time before the eyes roll forever black…

It makes one wonder about the fate of those $tupid enough for electing Obama in 2008. Perhaps now due to the ensuing disappointment, it couldn’t be any worse for them. In any case, we must call this justice. As foretold, the rising tide of dispossession, worry, and strife rots to a point inward before the majority will reflect this in anger.

A colossal scapegoat as expected now emerges and war nears a world-wide economic crisis. Look to our over-all human social history and beware.

If you are young there is a most uncertain future. This can not be rationally denied. We can surely blame the toxic generation (those over the average age of 50) for this. Should we be prepared for war as the toxic generations profit once again?


It is time for the youth of this world to wake up and realize the lie that is now seen for what it really is within places like Washington D.C. and beyond.

Spiritual Socialism is our future as is a one world government beyond the failing policies of today’s capitalist delusional optimists investing in a return to the good old days of waste and profit following WWII.*

As you now see economic turmoil continue, look to a world united under one governing body for that moment of light before the dawn. This alone represents the birth of opportunity, of hope, and “change”.

*Although it has been said that WWII relieved the victor countries of their economic failures, one should be aware that WWIII is likely to destroy humanity all together. If hungry without a forest, one does not eat gold…

“Fear not the folly of man, his contempt, nor the ego of kings.” -A.C.H.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Trillion Dollar Mistake

By A.C.H.

Here is what you can expect beyond a new “stimulus” bill that will be signed upon the desk of President Obama:

Continuing economic failure beyond three media months of rosy spin, propaganda, worry, and hyperbole intended to guide today’s mindless mass of robamautomatons into a collective sense of baseless hope.

In short, this is dangerous and it will present the next step into what I am calling, “the great disappointment” and worse as per the next four years with the Obama Administration.

This world is now heading into an economic crisis that will diminish the quality of life for youth in the many years to come.

Expect at least 6-8 months or more of falling home prices, foreclosures, and other losses of income. For those of you who owe a great deal of lending money and can not afford an upside down mortgage, you are doomed. Buyer or seller, now is the uncertain time for real-estate especially in light of a failing national job market.

I will tell you that our financial world future is at this time grim. The trillion dollar “stimulus” package as planned by Washington is designed to treat only the symptoms of our disease and will never amount to a cure.

The problem of a weaker dollar, inflation, and the printing of ever more money nears.

A world-wide economic depression could soon follow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Luciferian Music Begins (72!)

Looking for dedicated talent with lead and wind.

Prefer Julliard or equivalent with no fear of death, authority, or psychosis. Working within the 72 aspects of the “name“, you will risk losing your mind as extreme experimentation with sound, light, and other technologies are required.

If you slip and lose your zip code, we leave you behind.

You must be in excellent physical condition, genius is always preferred, and any illicit drug use will never be allowed.

A waiver will be included prior to dedication. This is most serious.

Several applicants will be explored prior to a decision.

For inquiries please leave your name and a brief description of yourself via: