Friday, January 30, 2009

My Case of Familial Child Abuse and Unplanned Justice

By A.C.H.

Thanks to a highly successful radio program interview in which a spontaneous question had been asked of my horrible and sorrowful childhood, I finally aired my trauma before millions of people.

Being a victim of both severe physical and sexual child abuse by my parents, I feel somewhat vindicated as they remain free and are continuing to deceive the public concerning the incidents that nearly destroyed me as a pre-pubescent child.

The abuse happened and I will forever swear to it .

For the sake of other victims and my own well being, I will never end my open discussion of these crimes committed against me as an innocent child.

My parents are guilty of child molestation. This is a fact.

As many of you reading this know, those who are most guilty of such heinous crimes against an innocent child are often guided not to admit such an act in a public manner. This is as you can imagine, true of those caught red-handed and now in prison where they belong. The perps always deny their crime do they not?

Until justice is served against my mother and father for their sexual and brutal crimes against me as a defenseless pre-pubescent child, I will forever speak of the horrors of my childhood. I will never stop for the sake of others who also suffer.

My advice to other victims?

1. Talk about it and never give in to anyone or any system. Always keep it in the open until justice is served. You will feel better no matter what advice you will hear. Never keep a crime like this a secret as I have for so many years.

2. If you can prosecute the perpetrator, do so as soon as possible. Remember that in some areas of the world, limitations do apply.

3. Never give in to the threat of litigation or other legal implications by the abusers. Surprisingly, many victims such as myself continue to endure this sort of abuse such as public slander and lies long after the crime has been committed. Do not give in to this as it only represents to the general public further validation of guilt. Many who are guilty of child molestation will attempt to sway the public opinion against their victims as a desperate means of defense. This is especially true of my father in his public slander of me. Again, do not give in and always face the abuser head on with his/ her crimes. Never give in or you will continue to be a victim of this crime the rest of your life. If you should go to court in order to prosecute the child molester, this is a serious matter thus, there will always be to some degree the bogus presumption of innocence as per the accused. Do not worry about that as no jury in the world would likely turn a prosecution case against a victim of sexual child abuse. Saying this, I do believe in the justice system as it has historically demonstrated a lean toward prosecution. Provided that the perpetrator goes free, say, due to some technicality, it is unlikely that a life-long and remaining public court of opinion will be as forgiving. Court cases like this are always vented to the public.

4. It takes courage to talk about your abuse and believe me, once you finally do this, you can also begin to heal. Do not hold in your child-hood trauma and pain as I have for so many years. Let it out and face the abuse. Face those responsible for the abuse while you can and never give in to the lies of those such as my parents who shield themselves from being found out. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can begin to heal from the experience.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Example Market Prediction Results

By A.C.H.

January 28, 2009


Last Trade: 29.75
Trade Time: 4:00PM ET
Change: 0.25 (0.85%)
Prev Close: 29.50
Open: 29.35
Day's Range: 28.63 - 30.63
52wk Range: 27.73 - 119.17

As suggested and foretold with the usual caution, a simple way to make money is hereby demonstrated with success.

The time to buy oil for a simple gain easily followed the previous day’s posting (see January 26-27) and if one had done so as late as today’s market open at 29.35, a single dollar cap would have been realized within the range of 28.63 to 30.63.


Now you see how money can be made within a highly volatile market system. I have never been one to suggest in any way that our current world market will completely fail but rather, it will make the necessary transition unto a central world focus that we hope, will soon remain open seven days a week, around the clock, and minus certain religious days of celebration (non-christian).

Please note that tax structures within the US and other commissions apply especially when selling and buying using this simple method. Stay above your costs and you can survive.

Here I have demonstrated the ability as a psychic to successfully pick a correct target stock and make money within a highly speculative and volatile market system using the commodity oil as an example*. This might seem somewhat miraculous to some who do not yet understand nor “believe” that psychic functioning is a real advantage as per an innate ability within each of us. Remember again that you must be trained to access psychic functioning unless as myself, you have resisted within your lifetime a world of left-brain dominance and ignorance. Like the many muscles in your body, your brain must be exercised in the correct manner or injury due to neglect over a long period of time can happen. An emphasis upon learning to read before the year ages 4-6 will be an example of an imposed injury that can be corrected with training later on in life. Highly gifted children who learn this without the emphasis also tend to gain the advantage of right brain development. Generally, this along with synesthesia will be the exception.

*Perhaps what is most interesting about this relates to the Weekly Petroleum Status Report that had also been speculated to drive oil prices further down and in fact, it did. My demonstration point from this perspective is therefore quite clear. Psychic functioning is an advantage.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Market Moves Down with Obama Speech January 26, 2009

By Mike Hunt

Does anyone else notice the “coincidental” downward trend of the world market(s) during most of the highly public showings/ speeches by President Obama?

For example, we see that during an upward move of most major indices on January 26, a speech was given by President Obama that concerned his emphasis upon the reduction of foreign oil reliance, legislation encouraging alternative energy investment, and of course the usual “change/ new deal” twaddle. Note that during and immediately following his speech, a market dip was noted just before its crash effectively ending any hope of that day’s rally. Most investors including myself knew to sell off everything after the peak once again due to that very speech.

Perhaps it all began with Obama’s inauguration day in which the market dropped like lead to an unprecedented 332.16 points (DJIA). I say unprecedented because never before in our history has a relative market drop occurred during any previous inaugurations. This is not a good sign in terms of confidence and “trust” amongst world investors who are already paranoid following a dismal and tumultuous 2008 circling of the financial western drain.

Also note that each and every time President Obama addresses the economy, especially then does the market respond less than favorably.

A coincidence?

Could there be a direct relationship between the price of oil and recent world market fluctuations?

I would say that either Obama picked once again a most inopportune time to destroy confidence in oil investment or that we are, as the general brain-dead populace sees their man walking on water, only seeing coincidence.

Perhaps we might now appreciate some Ted Turner rose colored lenses or maybe Prozac?

Hell no.

I am sticking with reality and one should know that as truth is so often disturbing so then is falsehood reassuring.

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Market Prediction Example

By A.C.H.

For those who do not yet understand nor utilize trading options, an easy way to make some money has been demonstrated here.

As posted prior to today’s market open for January 26, 2009:

“Gold, oil, caution on alt. energy” posted as the Myspace status message on January 25, 2009.

What this meant was that an investor looking for a day’s peak sell following Obama’s “bad is foreign oil…” speech, etc., would have shown a significant profit from the day’s open. The time to sell was more than obvious following his speech that also specified ALTERNATIVE energy investment.

As with any strategy, investment comes with a considerable risk. In fact, if you are not properly informed, you could lose an entire investment. In short, the world market is a legal form of gambling. Given that you know and understand the risks, here is a simple tip that I use for commodities such as oil:

Be conservative and buy when low on a trend bottom such as it appears now. Notice that lately when an average dip occurs, investors resurface and buy (see daily, monthly, and yearly charts). For example, if one had purchased USO for its bottom last Thursday, observed the trend along with various socioeconomic considerations, the sell following today’s peak would have made any investor very happy.

Now it is time to consider buying on the cheap. If you would like to be cautious, simply purchase 100+ shares of your informed pick at the bottom and set your limit-order to sell within the next 30 days at a dollar per share higher (overlap an initial three day settle by planning ahead). Watch for trends and be ready to cut your loss if needed at any time (i.e. stop-loss orders). Wait the market out if required, and never ever take your eye off the play especially when you are investing for survival.

Options are also important especially in today’s stormy market system. Just remember that unless you are a practicing psychic as I am, your risks are considerably higher. Fortunately, I have an edge over those who are not so inclined to either believe that it is possible nor train to improve the inherent ability within each of us.

Now look again at the above prediction used to help guide investors.

Gold related stocks did in fact rise and yes, I made a profit today. This is yet one more way in which my work demonstrates a means of surviving the immediate problem of world economic restructuring, failure, and social discord.

The Robamautomaton Administration and Insect Politics

By Hypnology

Killary Clinton’s Emphasis on Diplomacy?

In A Recent Interview with Noam Chomsky by Press TV, we are shockingly reminded of what might be the true nature of Secretary Clinton’s direction with regard to Iran:

Press TV: Robert Gates and Admiral [Mike] Mullen have been talking about the 16-month time line for withdrawal from Iraq is just one of the options, a slight difference from what Obama has been saying in the campaign. And, Hillary Clinton famously said she was prepared to obliterate all of Iran and kill 70 million citizens. On Iraq and Iran what do you see as changes?

Chomsky: What happened in Iraq is extremely interesting and important. The few correspondents with real experience any whom know something have understood it. Patrick Cockburn, Jonathan Steele and one or two others.

What has happened is that there was a remarkable campaign of non-violent resistance in Iraq, which compelled the United States, step-by-step, to back away from its programs and its goals. They compelled the US occupying forces to allow an election, which the US did not want and tried to evade in all sorts of ways.

Then they went on from there to force the United States to accept at least formally a status of forces agreement, which if the Obama administration lives up to it, will abandon most of the US war aims. It will eliminate the huge permanent military bases that the US has built in Iraq. It will mean the US will not control decisions over how the oil resources will be accessed and used. And in fact just every war aim is gone.

Of course there is a question of whether the US will live up to it and what you are reporting is among the serious indications that they are trying to evade living up to it. But what happened there is really significant, and a real credit to the people of Iraq, who have suffered miserably. I mean, the country has been absolutely destroyed, but they did manage to get the US to back away formally from its major war aims.

In the case of Iran, Obama's statements have not been as inflammatory as Clinton's, but they amount to pretty much the same thing. He said all options are open. Well, what does all options mean? Presumably that includes nuclear war, you know, that is an option.

There is no indication that he is willing to take the steps, say, that the American population wants. An overwhelming majority of the American population for years has been in favor, has agreed with the Non-Aligned Movement, that Iran should have the rights granted to the signers of the non-proliferation treaty, in fact to develop nuclear energy.

It should not have the right to develop nuclear weapons, and more interestingly about the same percentages, about 75 to 80%, call for the establishment of a nuclear weapons free zone in the region, which would include Iran, Israel, and any US forces deployment there, within all kinds of verifications and so on.

That could eliminate probably one of the major sources of the conflict. There is no indication that the Obama administration has any thought of doing anything about this.

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From Today's Motley Fool

The Zombie Apocalypse Will Eat Our Economy

According to horror movie canon, there are many ways zombies could
come about. These terrifying quirks could consist of anything from
radioactivity to pollution to a virus to some mysterious substance from
outer space. Whatever the cause, though, it usually reflects something
our society fears -- or possibly should fear -- at any given time.
Unfortunately, it's becoming clear that the threat of zombies here and
now is real.
That is, the zombie banks and zombie corporations that are
artificially kept alive even though in any rational, natural world they
should be dead. And if these reanimated corpses are still stumbling
around, growing greater and greater in number, well, I'm pretty sure we
all know what appears to be causing the dead to rise.

Send more paramedics

Repeated capital infusions into companies like Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Citigroup (NYSE: C)
seem to be very good examples of the ravenous undead. And the infection
is spreading and underlining the kind of problems and moral hazard we
now face. The Big Three automakers, General Motors (NYSE: GM), Ford (NYSE: F), and Chrysler,
represent hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the recent government
bailout loans to GM and Chrysler shows the great lengths politicians
will go in order to keep them alive. The real long-term problem is
that, since these companies have already failed the market test to
begin with, they're not really alive, are they?
And now there are rumors that other struggling industries in the
current economic climate are clamoring for government boosters from the
coming economic stimulus programs in some form. Such industries the
media has cited include airlines, which includes UAL (Nasdaq: UAUA) and Continental (NYSE: CAL), and steel, which includes companies like Nucor (NYSE: NUE).
But why weren't their business models built for survival, taking into
account the inevitable business cycles? (And you could argue the
airlines' business models haven't even been built to survive in good
times, either.) Surely there's an argument that there's zombification
at work in these cases, too.
Propped-up companies aren't vital and healthy. And they will
continue to lumber around, ravenously devouring capital, which then
will not be available for strong, living, vibrant companies. This is
what happened in Japan, contributing to that nation's so-called lost
Talk about a zombie apocalypse!

You've got red on you

In my long history
of horror movie fanaticism, I've seen a lot of zombie kills. Whether
it's the rather run-of-the-mill bullet through the head, a well-placed
blow with a cricket bat, a Sade vinyl LP, or (and this one was pretty
gross), helicopter blades, I've seen a lot of different methods to stop
zombies in their tracks.
I know, it's gross and it's violent, but for goodness' sake they're
not actually alive, and worse, they're trying to chomp on us living,
breathing, sentient, productive citizens! (And they're only movies.)
So what to do about the zombie banks and corporations that we are
building right now? Well, to avoid another scenario like Japan's lost
decade, maybe the government needs to stop feeding them immediately.
(Incidentally, zombie starvation eventually did the trick in 28 Days Later.)
There are, of course, different versions of exactly what the real
problem was that caused Japan's disaster. I've noticed that when it
comes to economics, it's easy to find all kinds of explanations for why
anything good or ill has happened in economic history. For example,
you've probably heard that the New Deal helped us out of the Great
Depression, but there's also the argument that what really got us back on track was World War II.
Likewise, when it comes to Japan's lost decade, some claim that
Japan's government did nothing for too long and that's why everything
stagnated. However, another compelling explanation (and definitely a
component of the problem) was that the government plowed money into
pointless infrastructure projects ("bridges to nowhere") and that it
kept giving capital to sick and dying banks and then their sick and
dying borrowers, instead of simply letting the unhealthy die a natural

They're coming to get you, Barbara!
In my
opinion, unhealthy companies need to be allowed to fail, fail, fail.
Over and over in my reading, a very logical theme has repeatedly
cropped up: It does not make sense to continuously pour capital to
non-competitive, ailing businesses -- it will not stimulate economic
It simply takes capital away from healthy companies (and
individuals). It's wasteful and counterproductive, and starves the
healthy (much like zombies prey on the living). And of course there's
that darn moral hazard thing again.
Meanwhile, the din is growing louder that TARP funds are being used
in a non-transparent manner and worse, the hand-outs of capital don't
seem focused on only helping truly strong financial companies, but
rather may be politically motivated, which was always a huge part of
the danger of such an undertaking, of course.
Regardless of whether people intellectually reside in the
"government-must-spend," "go-ahead-and-nationalize," or the
"let-them-fail" camp, there at least seems to be agreement that the
financial companies must start writing down toxic waste on balance
sheets to ugly (but realistic) levels and the unhealthiest firms need
to be let go. Likewise, companies that can't pass the market test need
to be allowed to die their natural deaths, too. It's going to be
difficult medicine and short-term pain, but destroying the zombies is
what we need for a healthy economy in the long run.
I have been known to occasionally joke about being prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse. Little did anybody realize there was
a zombie threat coming -- just not the kind you see in the movies.
Hopefully people will wake up and realize that it's a long-term mistake
to keep the zombies of our economy alive … otherwise we may end up with
a sequel nobody really wanted to see: Decade of the Living Dead Economy.

The Obamanation of Desperation

It should be considered that President Obama will not likely be any friendlier to the Palestinian nor shall his administration become an immediate harbinger of peace in that region. Recently, Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipora Malka Livni had spoken with Secretary of State Killary Clinton seeking again the approval and assistance over the Iran lie. This means that Iran could likely be once again in danger of further sanctions or failing this, other military options chiefly from Israel. Should Iran ever become the target of an air, land, or sea strike, the world as you see it now will enter into a new and deeper phase of conflict leading to further economic chaos.

Are you sure you want to agree with this?

Be prepared for the coming propaganda; further demonization of Iran, and half truths feeding mass hysteria this summer and beyond! Observe now the many gormless dullards so often around each of us here in America. See them each slack-jawed, numb, and confused, incessantly staring off into oblivion with not so much as a single clue of anything beyond the obvious minutia of a highly vernacular life of want, greed, and mindless decadence. We are doomed as not only do these bartholian trogs make up the majority of the world around us, they simply do not seem to have the capacity to question any reality that is presented to them from birth nor should they care. It is for this reason alone that the manufacturing of consent is possible.

Also know that legal and ethical public dissent against the Obama administration’s failing and foolish policies is now being cleverly squashed by neo-liberal robobamatons (see the Ophiuchus “9”series prophetic art). Recently I had been shut out of a radio program live and then without any ability to defend my views, the host spent the last half of my show distorting my work with lies, misconceptions, and predictable “any one who questions Obama has to be of Satan” twaddle(see the Rob McConnell X-Zone show).

Yes dear reader, the elderly toupee wearing Islamaphobic charlatan actually pulled the devil card on me! As a human being, the loss of your right to speak freely, openly, and with an open mind clearly nears an end*. Next we shall see justice continue to fail the test throughout the world and especially Gaza.

*For those who wish to learn more about our eroding world right to free speech and academic appreciation for public dissent, see the recent case of Dr. Norman Finkelstein a Jewish professor, and son of a Nazi Holocaust survivor. See also Dr. Noam Chomsky.