Monday, January 26, 2009

The Obamanation of Desperation

It should be considered that President Obama will not likely be any friendlier to the Palestinian nor shall his administration become an immediate harbinger of peace in that region. Recently, Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipora Malka Livni had spoken with Secretary of State Killary Clinton seeking again the approval and assistance over the Iran lie. This means that Iran could likely be once again in danger of further sanctions or failing this, other military options chiefly from Israel. Should Iran ever become the target of an air, land, or sea strike, the world as you see it now will enter into a new and deeper phase of conflict leading to further economic chaos.

Are you sure you want to agree with this?

Be prepared for the coming propaganda; further demonization of Iran, and half truths feeding mass hysteria this summer and beyond! Observe now the many gormless dullards so often around each of us here in America. See them each slack-jawed, numb, and confused, incessantly staring off into oblivion with not so much as a single clue of anything beyond the obvious minutia of a highly vernacular life of want, greed, and mindless decadence. We are doomed as not only do these bartholian trogs make up the majority of the world around us, they simply do not seem to have the capacity to question any reality that is presented to them from birth nor should they care. It is for this reason alone that the manufacturing of consent is possible.

Also know that legal and ethical public dissent against the Obama administration’s failing and foolish policies is now being cleverly squashed by neo-liberal robobamatons (see the Ophiuchus “9”series prophetic art). Recently I had been shut out of a radio program live and then without any ability to defend my views, the host spent the last half of my show distorting my work with lies, misconceptions, and predictable “any one who questions Obama has to be of Satan” twaddle(see the Rob McConnell X-Zone show).

Yes dear reader, the elderly toupee wearing Islamaphobic charlatan actually pulled the devil card on me! As a human being, the loss of your right to speak freely, openly, and with an open mind clearly nears an end*. Next we shall see justice continue to fail the test throughout the world and especially Gaza.

*For those who wish to learn more about our eroding world right to free speech and academic appreciation for public dissent, see the recent case of Dr. Norman Finkelstein a Jewish professor, and son of a Nazi Holocaust survivor. See also Dr. Noam Chomsky.