Friday, January 30, 2009

My Case of Familial Child Abuse and Unplanned Justice

By A.C.H.

Thanks to a highly successful radio program interview in which a spontaneous question had been asked of my horrible and sorrowful childhood, I finally aired my trauma before millions of people.

Being a victim of both severe physical and sexual child abuse by my parents, I feel somewhat vindicated as they remain free and are continuing to deceive the public concerning the incidents that nearly destroyed me as a pre-pubescent child.

The abuse happened and I will forever swear to it .

For the sake of other victims and my own well being, I will never end my open discussion of these crimes committed against me as an innocent child.

My parents are guilty of child molestation. This is a fact.

As many of you reading this know, those who are most guilty of such heinous crimes against an innocent child are often guided not to admit such an act in a public manner. This is as you can imagine, true of those caught red-handed and now in prison where they belong. The perps always deny their crime do they not?

Until justice is served against my mother and father for their sexual and brutal crimes against me as a defenseless pre-pubescent child, I will forever speak of the horrors of my childhood. I will never stop for the sake of others who also suffer.

My advice to other victims?

1. Talk about it and never give in to anyone or any system. Always keep it in the open until justice is served. You will feel better no matter what advice you will hear. Never keep a crime like this a secret as I have for so many years.

2. If you can prosecute the perpetrator, do so as soon as possible. Remember that in some areas of the world, limitations do apply.

3. Never give in to the threat of litigation or other legal implications by the abusers. Surprisingly, many victims such as myself continue to endure this sort of abuse such as public slander and lies long after the crime has been committed. Do not give in to this as it only represents to the general public further validation of guilt. Many who are guilty of child molestation will attempt to sway the public opinion against their victims as a desperate means of defense. This is especially true of my father in his public slander of me. Again, do not give in and always face the abuser head on with his/ her crimes. Never give in or you will continue to be a victim of this crime the rest of your life. If you should go to court in order to prosecute the child molester, this is a serious matter thus, there will always be to some degree the bogus presumption of innocence as per the accused. Do not worry about that as no jury in the world would likely turn a prosecution case against a victim of sexual child abuse. Saying this, I do believe in the justice system as it has historically demonstrated a lean toward prosecution. Provided that the perpetrator goes free, say, due to some technicality, it is unlikely that a life-long and remaining public court of opinion will be as forgiving. Court cases like this are always vented to the public.

4. It takes courage to talk about your abuse and believe me, once you finally do this, you can also begin to heal. Do not hold in your child-hood trauma and pain as I have for so many years. Let it out and face the abuse. Face those responsible for the abuse while you can and never give in to the lies of those such as my parents who shield themselves from being found out. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can begin to heal from the experience.

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