Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Q&A for A.C.H.

2011 Q&A for A.C.H.

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Mexico’s Violence

Q: In the last 5 years since Calderon was elected President of Mexico, the official number of people killed as a direct result of the war on drugs is now reported to be just over 42,000 although some reports indicate a higher number of 91,000 due to the addition of indirect incidences. Combined with the immigration issues, a faltering world economy, and increased drug related violence, what do you see as the best future for Mexico?

A: I must point out that a peculiar relationship has recently emerged between certain powerful enforcement agencies of Mexico and the United States. What I mean to say is that by the mere blind acceptance of an unsuspecting populace, hard-line prohibitionist ideas are being promoted through mass media and worse, a massive industrial prison system for potential profit is now being suggested as a potential solution!

Here in the United States the “war on drugs” has long failed to halt the illicit and destructive use of drugs and has contributed to a massive industrial prison complex housing hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug offenders.

It has been speculated that larger prison complexes with supporting international enforcement agencies could ultimately replace the need for some of today’s unprofitable military operations.

Mexico I believe is under siege not by the so called gangs of violence and drug cartels, but of the idea that enforcement, imprisonment, and hard-line prohibition can work. This we know is not currently working for Mexico nor will it work to serve the unsuspecting public in any time within the future.

Here is the Remote Viewed Optimum Trajectory for Mexico concerning its current problem of drug related violence:

1. Legalize ALL drugs and related activity throughout all of Mexico.

2. Fund public health clinics for any and all forms of dependency and rehabilitation.

3. Build, promote, and support education rather than prisons.

4. Begin the process of replacing physical currency from use within Mexico’s border. For example, retinal scanners, cards, and implanted microchips can be used to track identification and facilitate transactions thereby eliminating overt forms of currency related crime.

5. Permanently open the border of Mexico for free and friendly passage into the United States. Fencing off the border will only create further resentment, violence, and indifference. The crossings will happen anyway, fence or no fence.

Following these recommendations, Mexico’s rate of violent crime will all but cease to exist with the added measure of security for the government of Mexico through the regulation, maintenance, and medically supervised distribution of habit forming drugs.

The industry of hemp alone could account for a highly profitable venture benefiting the good people of Mexico.

Should Mexico continue upon its current path of anti-drug related ignorance and related mass hysteria, there will be no solution found to its current state of suffering, misery, manipulation for profit, and drug related deaths. Easily, all of Mexico can become a safe, profitable, and wondrous place in which to work, visit, study, and live.

Mexico could also rewrite its constitution and declare a tax-free state of guaranteed individual freedoms now lost to Europe and the United States causing an instant influx of wealthy, intelligent, and eccentric individuals willing to expatriate and/ or invest for this purpose alone. The cultural, educational, and technological influence of such an exodus would quickly enhance Mexico’s stability, adaptation, and development in which to compete.

The American Presidential Election of 2012 (Possible Voter “Blacklash“)

Q: Aaron, you publicly stated back during the inauguration of President Obama in 2008 that he would not be re-elected for a second term following what you referred to as a great disappointment. Now I see that your prediction was very accurate. You have also said that this disappointment is unusual. What do you mean by this and what kind of person do you think could be elected to take his place?

A: Such as it now occurs, the pendulum of opportunity swings toward the former Governor Mitt Romney, a most predictable and disarming orator with the right jib for the job. Apart from his public health-care views, there seems to be no real discussion of his personal belief system.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon and why does this matter when facing the ethnicity of today’s incumbent?

Peripherally, it matters least but when thinking about the ultimate strategy of gaining from an unceasing level of public disappointment, race clearly becomes the underlying issue. Strategists know that a majority will not be fully aware of why Romney fits best within the potential reactionary scenario of a 2012 election. Like it or not, the history of racial divisiveness within the early Mormon Church calls upon an alternative to overt forms of hatred and in this way, it will likely be considered safe ground as the unexamined means for a public venting. Justly, today’s Mormon Church does not profess such divisions, hatred, nor other forms racial exclusion. However, its history gives Romney an advantage especially when left unchecked by an unsuspecting voter base.

Knowing this, I find the complementary relationship between Mitt Romney and Utah’s Jon Huntsman very interesting. A doubled presence like this was designed to help ease the burden of a focused element of religion on stage. This was brilliantly done.

The World Economy

Q: When will the economy recover?

A: At best, the world economy will remain recalcitrant for years. At worst, there will be a depression and possibly war. My advice is to avoid being overly prepared. Rather, learn to adapt quickly as one must now expect the unexpected in terms of the extreme. From chaos alone [X] will emerge.