Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An American Psychopath Wins South Carolina’s Republican Primary in 2012

As the illusion of choice continues to elude a gullible voter base of misogynistic hick Repugnicans in South Carolina, we see that such voting apart from reason had been predictably cast into the political sewer of contrarian vanity (recall “anything but Romney”). On the surface, it is evident that any vote for a badly aging white morbidly obese man like Gingrich is nothing more than a vote for a much younger, smarter, and physically fit President Obama in 2012. In light of this, I am sure that Obama’s campaign members are delighted by South Carolina’s outcome and will further attempt to damage the prospects of Mitt Romney as their primary concern. Gingrich will simply beat himself along the race especially with comments like “food stamp president” that might work for Repugnican racists in South Carolina, but for a thinking populace (i.e., people that can read); this will only provide ammunition for the incumbent.

Spiritually, this marks South Carolina as a true place of back-woods darkness in which psychopathy is blindly accepted by a majority of Repugnicans as the norm.

Why do I say this?

The former disgraced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is by definition a psychopath.

Unlike most sociopaths, psychopaths are well organized, seek positions of power over others, and often appear normal unto the unsuspecting eye. As with the disloyal sociopath, they feel no empathy, remorse, or responsibility for the pain, pleasure, and/ or suffering of others. In the case of Gingrich’s ex-wife whom he left for dead once she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, we see a similar pattern of behavior concerning an earlier wife whom he also left with a diagnosis of uterine cancer! During her time immediately following cancer treatment, Gingrich cold heartedly took advantage by requesting further legal matters concerning the details of a previous divorce. He did not, as some accounts falsely report, move to divorce the cancer stricken woman on her death bed. Now ask yourself, what self-respecting woman of any era would vote for this man?

According to the Hare PCL-R list for which Psychopathy can be recognized, we see of Gingrich a menacing superficial charm coupled with the most grandiose sense of self-worth, proneness to boredom, and a serious lack of realistic long term goals such as being elected President of the United States. Cunningly, he is capable of manipulating an audience and like most politicians, openly accepts the parasitic lifestyle.

A pathological liar is a person who projects a belief in one’s own lie often as a misunderstood “truth.” Recently when asked of his censure by Congress for ethics violations (i.e., for lying to Congress), Gingrich responded defensively saying that he had been exonerated of all charges. Exonerated by whom? How many times have we heard the former Speaker of the House belittle his audience by elaborately explaining various “misunderstandings”? In spite of what he thinks, the relevance of his past behavior does matter when running for President of the United States. Perhaps one of the more important signs of psychopathy will include the avoidance of responsibility and in the case of Gingrich, he often cites “divine grace and forgiveness” by his God as a recent convert to Catholicism. This is one of the reasons that psychopaths are often drawn to slave religions such as Christianity; not only can they hide from society within the church, but they can also discharge any and all responsibility for “sin.”

“I am at peace with myself and God”

-Jeffery Dahmer

The Endorsement of a Psychopath

Just before the South Carolina Primary began, Chuck Norris openly endorsed Gingrich. Are you kidding me? This is almost as bad as being endorsed by Sarah Palin. What a poor and insensitive joke this has all become for the Republican party.

Like cat and dog people, there are always comparisons that can be easily made but with Chuck Norris, you either have people like me that are inherently repulsed by him or others who never shit right in public toilets. Such people are rarely seen but you can always know where they have been. Just like in South Carolina, we all know that horrible feeling when kicking open a public stall either to vote or to shit. What is the difference anyway?

In conclusion, I predict that the serious candidate Mitt Romney will aggressively pursue a more reasonable voter base in Florida. This should effectively begin the process of uniting the party behind a viable candidate against the incumbent. Furthermore, this should help to rid this political season of the most comically inept group of candidates in history.