Thursday, April 30, 2009

World Chaos is our Future

Pray individually and in large groups for world chaos.

Now is the exact time to “strike low and hard”, without pity, or mercy.

Pray for confusion, disorder, and unending catastrophe.

Pray for world chaos!

Do not break any laws, nor do anything physical that might so much as seem destructive to any one thing, person, or odd else. This will not be necessary as the real power is subtle. It is found only within the mind as per the individual brain and a focused repetition of a single thought in prayer, mantra, or meditation.

That thought is chaos projected upon a now weary and dying world.

Never give in to doubt nor a perception of failure. Patience, persistence, and above all, perseverance is important in this practice of projection. As we are now all immersed within “it”, we shall then become increasingly aware of a certain degree of “influence” that is possible outside of normal states of awareness.

Unfortunately, this will not work upon an individual, target, or mark. The subtle influence can only be realized collectively.

Begin now dear readers, practice, experiment, and observe….

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aaron's April to June 'Sickness' Prediction Confirmed

"Prophetic: War will beget tyranny, an ending of all hope, and widespread despair. This must be avoided. All but one plan fails as depression nears the West. Sickness in April to June."

-A.C.H. in his posting 'In Today's News', Dec. 18 2008.

Spring Influenza kills in Mexico/ Prediction Hit for A.C.H.

Swine flu cases mount in Mexico,US.

As predicted late in 2008, I determined and warned that there would be "...sickness in the spring (2009)." Clearly, this influenza strain matches my concern (then as it does now) for the swine/ bird/ human relation.

For those regular readers of my journals, posts, articles, and blogs, I am sure that you recall this disturbing prediction.

HVRN/ SLW Results Following Show

Silver Wheaton Corporation (SLW):

Previous close was 7.28 with today’s open of 7.42. After hours, the stock gained 0.39% or 0.03 to a total of 7.65. The day’s range was 7.32 to 7.82.

Last trade was 7.62!

Solar stocks down (any surprise?).

Uranium stocks are up.

Another record for HVRN and a successful stock pick/ suggestion live on air!


View the original myspace post here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin Osman Spare, Death, and the Altered State

Although I do take very good care of my body and brain (i.e., no drugs or alcohol), I am reminded of Austin Spare who once said (paraphrased) that to be intoxicated is far more reasonable than to face the ugly nature of man in his life of sober blindness, wanton destruction, and banality. To the sensitive genius such as Spare, this does not represent an unsavory means of escape but rather a brave and naturally present source of inspiration within a world forever plagued with self righteous sadists, outrageous hypocrites, and disgusting cowards.

I can not tell another man not to drink himself to death in a world that if sober, might seem very much the worse. The way in which we negotiate the inevitability of death is a natural right that can never be legislated nor taken away.

Every death is a suicide.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Aaron Will be on the HVRN's New Show this Wednesday



Aaron C. Hanson Returns to HVRN for Their New Show ‘The Soapbox’ This April 22, 2009 from 9-11pm EST

Airs Wednesday Night April 22, 2009 from 9-11pm EST on Haunted Voices

April 22, 2009 9-11p.m. EST -Aaron will be joining Todd for the new show, The Soapbox on the Haunted Voices Radio Network. With Aaron in the mix the discussion is sure to be informative and highly controversial. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear Aaron’s predictions and results, and perhaps a hint or two about where to place your money in the Stock Market.

ABOUT The Soapbox - Looking for an interruption in the weekly grind? Want to get something off your chest? Well so do we! Tune in every Wednesday at 8pm CST/9pm EST for The Soapbox! Join hosts Todd Bates and Jenn Smith as they discuss current events, news and anything else on their minds. You can join in on the fun! Call and vent your frustrations - anything goes on The Soapbox!

ABOUT Haunted Voices - Haunted Voices [HVRN], a fully licensed network (both performance and commercial music), is much more than your average webcast/podcast type of paranormal network. To begin with all of their radio servers are privately owned with over 20 separate streams running to various high traffic outlets. Five of these streams are Satellite based as they pull off of the HVRN streams and rebroadcast on their stations all over the world. HVRN is also syndicated on the Air Force Band which goes straight over to our troops located in both Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to the thousands of letters demanding they put this programming on their band. Todd Bates the owner and Host of HVRN has been broadcasting for over 5 years now on his own and Co-Hosted with several hosts on the IBC and BBC radio networks prior. Todd will be hosting Aaron on the main Friday night Show which airs every Friday night at 9pm EST/8pm CST.

ABOUT Aaron C. Hanson - Aaron is the psychic and remote viewer who was featured on the In Search Of TV Documentary remake in the episode on Psychic Spies . Aaron demonstrated that he could precisely locate a person at a remote location using only his remote viewing skills. He has been featured on such television shows as “SOS” of TV Asahi in Japan, mainstream radio broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and others. He was filmed in a major motion picture “Suspect Zero” where he also served as technical assistant. Since then he has done multiple internet radio broadcasts, and keeps a popular blog on his Myspace page where he occasionally reveals winning lottery numbers for specific areas of the world. His latest lottery success was posted on November 5th, 2008 for the state of Illinois marking his first in a series of postings leading up to a series of books and lectures on acquiring numbers. Aaron predicted 666 as this number and in fact, that was the winning number! Don’t forget to sign up for information about his upcoming books starting January 1, 2009 at his website

Aaron has a long history of paranormal experience and his latest research using modified electronic camera sensors utilizing right angled mirrors and other proprietary devices is being developed to further capture the spiritual essence or that beyond what is experienced by normal states of awareness. Aaron’s spiritual projection imagery is in a class outside of anything known today. Many of his images reveal the dead either in passing and/ or from another realm that has yet to be fully understood.

If it involves relevance, mystery, and fantastic controversy, Aaron has the “it” and is as always deep within it all. This fascinating man has been described by many as a strange genius, wildly eccentric, inexhaustibly soulful, and enigmatic.

- END -

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Investment: Gold, Energy, Copper, and Silver

Changes in the price of metals may soon present the opportunity for physical delivery, investment, and other mining related stocks such as SLW, NG, and FCX. Right now NG sits upon one of the largest untapped gold finds known today and it currently trades with some volatility under 3.00.

ANV might also be worth a second look.

Watch the energy stocks as we head into 2009 May-June. OPEC will likely cut production this time out of necessity.

If you invest, look to set a trailing stop, always buy low, sell high, and understand that some losses are to be expected. The idea is to be disciplined and smart about investment and never take your eyes off the table! If educated and brave, go in small, learn, and weep...

When prices fall, sellers make the money.

In other news, we see a President Obama recently befriending Cuba and Venezuela?

Not likely, but I am sure that the United States would like to see oil traded exclusively in dollars rather than euros. There is also the sticky issue of oil recently found within the domain of Cuba! The plot thickens with an anticipated (and current) change in Cuba's leadership does it not?

Washington's closet interest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela is about energy and how that relates to a now faltering economy. The current strategy of encouraged friendship might now seem prudent if not slightly naive or at worst, quietly desperate.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Remote Viewed Answers to War and Global Warming

Here is the one and only viable solution to every major environmental and social problem known and anticipated today:


We truly need to think about the future before we copulate.

Personally, I feel that we should take this a step further and begin to euthanize the useless amongst the elderly (the current generation of evil) who are in part guilty of the wanton destruction of our planet, recalcitrant world economy, overpopulation, and wasteful industrialization.

Enforced sterilization should in any case begin yesterday...

Ideally, if you are young and frightened about a most grim future on an overpopulated and dying planet of spiritual ignorance, simply put down your tools, stop playing into the same old slave and master game, stop having children to feed this corrupt system of poverty, inequalities, and untold wealth amongst the very few who even now tell you to have more god damned children!

As youth, we are the engine and true hope of the world and once this is realized on a massive scale through unfettered internet media, real social world change can occur, not with hollow speeches about saving the old failing corrupt capitalist system by mindless television sponsored politicians like President Obama, but of a world united in one single unavoidable cause. Right now this cause involves the overall sustainability of the human race on an ecologically changing planet.

We are now facing early human extinction unless we wake up within the aforementioned cause.

It begins with human population control, enforcement of that control, or death on a massive scale.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Black Sun and Prophetic Light

By A.C.H.

Economic failure, social chaos, hopelessness, and world-wide despair is now coming for each. It all begins here in the West where there are many people now marked for their wickedness and evil. There can be no escape.

M.A.A.T. is in us and there will be much suffering, misery, and death.

For those of our kind, this is a time to celebrate our union with chaos and appreciate a most strange child. This is our child, the child of untold horrors…

Suicide for the light will be no escape from this darkness.

We are in our time and the world now changes into a beautiful image that is death.

Death is everything and just beyond it, there is nothing.

The future is death for all mankind.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Black Sun

By A.C.H.

Look for these and other possible futures:

0. Japan's economy falters beyond a recent measure of "stimulus" investment.

1. The Dow could soon reach 9000 +/- 300* and then a floor of 4000 due in part to continuing world economic failures, environmental calamity, social unrest, and other war related problems.

2. I am confident that Afghanistan will be lost due to the current ineptitude, arrogance, and misdirection of the West.

3. Increased geologic activity continues (see January prediction of increased volcanism, quake activity, and related world events for 2009).

4. Disastrous storms related to global warming rake the east coast of the United States, Japan, and other areas of Asia.

5. World: The attempt of assassination and terror [censored].

6. Hurricanes and Typhoons number “twice and twelve” for the year.

7. Leadership change discussed in Cuba, Iran (?!), and North Korea.

8. The prominent one is dead, his name in the news exhausted, the people weary.

9. China’s industry slows, decoupling, and the chronic worry of debt.

*Note that I am suggesting an approximate peak for the current bear market rally along with a floor average of 4000. However grim, this number seems to be related to a highly coveted “bottom” for which some recovery might be expected. I am not at this time optimistic especially when considering that earnings could now require many years to recover, if at all.

Face it my friends….

Capitalism is terminally ill.

Monday, April 6, 2009

In Defense of North Korea’s Space Rocket Launch

Space Rockets are not the same as Nuclear Missiles

Most recently, President Obama spoke of reducing world nuclear weapons proliferation, their continued development, and related technological threats as an obvious reference in time and issue with North Korea’s intent to enter space with a satellite.

Perhaps one should seriously wonder why any satellite launch should be at this time an issue?

Space rocket technology is vastly different from that of missile technology especially when dealing with weapons related payloads. Many staged rockets are designed to enter space with limited payloads such as lighter surveillance and/ or communication devices. This requires an incredible amount of energy, thrust, and fuel with respect to gravity. A nuclear armed missile also requires an incredible amount of energy but its technology is vastly limited to its latitude and termination rather than its amplitude, altitude and function.

Space bombs, if developed, can be used to wipe out solid state and other communication systems although such technology is clearly not being demonstrated by the North Koreans in this case.

To the brain-dead American media:


Perhaps what the American media is doing (if honest) is immoral with respect to the real issue concerning North Korea’s peaceful intent to enter space with its own satellite. To infer that this has anything what so ever to do with nuclear proliferation (see Obama’s related speech) is irresponsible furthering unnecessary tensions between the United States, North Korea, and perhaps to a very limited extent, China.

If President Obama is serious about disarming the world of its nuclear threat, we should then be with him body, spirit, and soul. He should immediately begin to influence Israel with its vast and dangerous arsenal of nuclear weaponry that could one day be preemptively used against a peaceful Iran.

Ethically, the United States and its presidential speech writers should remember that it remains to this day as the only country in the world to have used nuclear bombs to kill innocent civilians (see Japan).