Sunday, April 19, 2009

Investment: Gold, Energy, Copper, and Silver

Changes in the price of metals may soon present the opportunity for physical delivery, investment, and other mining related stocks such as SLW, NG, and FCX. Right now NG sits upon one of the largest untapped gold finds known today and it currently trades with some volatility under 3.00.

ANV might also be worth a second look.

Watch the energy stocks as we head into 2009 May-June. OPEC will likely cut production this time out of necessity.

If you invest, look to set a trailing stop, always buy low, sell high, and understand that some losses are to be expected. The idea is to be disciplined and smart about investment and never take your eyes off the table! If educated and brave, go in small, learn, and weep...

When prices fall, sellers make the money.

In other news, we see a President Obama recently befriending Cuba and Venezuela?

Not likely, but I am sure that the United States would like to see oil traded exclusively in dollars rather than euros. There is also the sticky issue of oil recently found within the domain of Cuba! The plot thickens with an anticipated (and current) change in Cuba's leadership does it not?

Washington's closet interest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela is about energy and how that relates to a now faltering economy. The current strategy of encouraged friendship might now seem prudent if not slightly naive or at worst, quietly desperate.