Friday, April 17, 2009

Remote Viewed Answers to War and Global Warming

Here is the one and only viable solution to every major environmental and social problem known and anticipated today:


We truly need to think about the future before we copulate.

Personally, I feel that we should take this a step further and begin to euthanize the useless amongst the elderly (the current generation of evil) who are in part guilty of the wanton destruction of our planet, recalcitrant world economy, overpopulation, and wasteful industrialization.

Enforced sterilization should in any case begin yesterday...

Ideally, if you are young and frightened about a most grim future on an overpopulated and dying planet of spiritual ignorance, simply put down your tools, stop playing into the same old slave and master game, stop having children to feed this corrupt system of poverty, inequalities, and untold wealth amongst the very few who even now tell you to have more god damned children!

As youth, we are the engine and true hope of the world and once this is realized on a massive scale through unfettered internet media, real social world change can occur, not with hollow speeches about saving the old failing corrupt capitalist system by mindless television sponsored politicians like President Obama, but of a world united in one single unavoidable cause. Right now this cause involves the overall sustainability of the human race on an ecologically changing planet.

We are now facing early human extinction unless we wake up within the aforementioned cause.

It begins with human population control, enforcement of that control, or death on a massive scale.