Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Austin Osman Spare, Death, and the Altered State

Although I do take very good care of my body and brain (i.e., no drugs or alcohol), I am reminded of Austin Spare who once said (paraphrased) that to be intoxicated is far more reasonable than to face the ugly nature of man in his life of sober blindness, wanton destruction, and banality. To the sensitive genius such as Spare, this does not represent an unsavory means of escape but rather a brave and naturally present source of inspiration within a world forever plagued with self righteous sadists, outrageous hypocrites, and disgusting cowards.

I can not tell another man not to drink himself to death in a world that if sober, might seem very much the worse. The way in which we negotiate the inevitability of death is a natural right that can never be legislated nor taken away.

Every death is a suicide.