Monday, April 13, 2009

The Black Sun

By A.C.H.

Look for these and other possible futures:

0. Japan's economy falters beyond a recent measure of "stimulus" investment.

1. The Dow could soon reach 9000 +/- 300* and then a floor of 4000 due in part to continuing world economic failures, environmental calamity, social unrest, and other war related problems.

2. I am confident that Afghanistan will be lost due to the current ineptitude, arrogance, and misdirection of the West.

3. Increased geologic activity continues (see January prediction of increased volcanism, quake activity, and related world events for 2009).

4. Disastrous storms related to global warming rake the east coast of the United States, Japan, and other areas of Asia.

5. World: The attempt of assassination and terror [censored].

6. Hurricanes and Typhoons number “twice and twelve” for the year.

7. Leadership change discussed in Cuba, Iran (?!), and North Korea.

8. The prominent one is dead, his name in the news exhausted, the people weary.

9. China’s industry slows, decoupling, and the chronic worry of debt.

*Note that I am suggesting an approximate peak for the current bear market rally along with a floor average of 4000. However grim, this number seems to be related to a highly coveted “bottom” for which some recovery might be expected. I am not at this time optimistic especially when considering that earnings could now require many years to recover, if at all.

Face it my friends….

Capitalism is terminally ill.