Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oil Tips the Next Economic Domino…

Now that cheap oil production is officially fallen beyond a reasonable measure, one can easily assume that for the immediate future, prices of oil are to return for this and many other unexpected reasons. Reason or not, I see oil up preceding inflation straining what little hope, if any for those economies now approaching withdrawals from their addiction to both electricity and fossil fuels.

Western powers and their economies strongly relate to energy thus, the influence and control of resources such as we see of Iran‘s potential can help explain a growing national security interest in Afghanistan, Israel, and Iraq, etc.

Soon here in the West, the influence of oil upon a recalcitrant economy will be darkly seen. To blame those investors upon Wall Street and beyond for this is akin to blaming the Jews for killing Jesus.

The Black Sun and Prophetic Light

1. Oil rises for the unexpected reason(s).

2. Inflation.

3. Economic failure continues with the potential of sinking those countries least accustomed to discomfort into social and political catastrophes.

4. Industrial output of China and India disappoints, their markets failing, blame is placed upon those powers who suffer the least in measure.

5. Israel, Iran, and North Korea in the news.

6. War if Israel strikes Iran, strains relations with Russia.

7. A final world depression is characterized in popular media as “worsening beyond measure”.

8. World War III.

9. Human extinction.