Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nova Gold Corporation (NG)

Perhaps many of you recall that recently I recommended acquiring Silver Wheaton (SLW) back when its share price remained between $6.16 and $6.66. It is now trading with volatility around $8.00 and rising.

Right now I am seeing smaller gold mining operations like Nova Gold (NG) as important. After a careful study, I would acquire this before its share price breaches $3.00.

Given this, it is always a good idea to rake in a percentage of your profit for physical delivery and cash. Set your limit orders for the price you want and be patient. There are profits to be made and if you are a properly trained psychic, you will most likely have the upper hand as I do.

Warning: As with any investment, there is considerable risk and if you are not informed, you could lose everything invested. On the flip side, you could become financially independent.