Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pray for Chaos; It is Our Only Hope


Remember that some, if not all, of the same “scientifically minded” people who would predictably ridicule a possible human to earth spiritual connection are in fact, commonly found ceremoniously praying each week within a temple, church, or synagogue.

Of these worshipers especially here in the West, a majority are (humorously) found on their knees blowing a false god, believing that after declaring himself the son of perfection, a simple carpenter rose from the dead, flew up into the sky with a league of special anthropomorphized angels, only to return one day in order to rapture us all into the glory of heaven.


I call it non-sense to be taken literally, and hypocrisy.

At least here we can see the result of our experiment within a reasonable amount of time and question a relationship within our work, if any. The result, any result, represents a great leap from our daily boredom, blasting apart the ubiquitous rose colored lens of fluff within today's Prozac sponsored major sources of media.

Calamity is fun and hilarious when you seriously think about it. The truth of our morbid fascination with nature should not be ignored in this way. Take yourself back to the coliseums of Rome in which gladiators happily ripped the bloody screaming heads off of their pathetic opponents and you will see nature. It is natural to die and suffer immeasurably. Above all, it is natural to experience terror, not hide from it in fear.

It is unethical to support the weak throughout our dying world in time, activity, and thought. For example, a “too big to fail” concept in which trillions of tax payer dollars are wasted upon the weak will in the long run diminish the necessary strength that sustains our over-all world economy.

Chaos is our future and to accept this presents an opportunity to be free.

Chaos represents true change. It is our future and is the way, L.A.M., or “path”.

The child of Chaos is Order, a WORLD ORDER of STRENGTH that will not be denied by the meek, feeble minded charlatan, nor the paranoid and deluded simpletons whom are now subject to the apostasy. Think what you like about this, it is coming for each like a tornado, unstoppable, beautiful, deadly, and eternal.

Pray for Chaos.